Let’s be clear – you can’t expect to run a successful startup if you don’t have a decent online presence. In order to achieve this goal, you must select a good eCommerce platform. Those of you who don’t have any experience in this field should know that there were many useful eCommerce platforms that were released in the last decade. Of course, as a future business owner, you probably want to use the best eCommerce platform for startups. That’s why we have created this list which contains the names of the most used platforms of this kind.


Volusion is one of the oldest eCommerce platforms used by businesses of all sizes. But, the fact that this platform is old doesn’t mean that it’s outdated. On the contrary, the management of this platform is constantly following the latest trends in this area and they are updating the system. This is the reason why Volusion has over 40,000 satisfied users. With the help of Volusion, you can create an online store or eCommerce website dedicated to almost any industry. Volusion has a long list of built-in functionalities and features. This is an excellent solution for those who don’t have technical skills and/or knowledge.


It’s been more than eleven years after the launch of PrestaShop. Today, PrestaShop is the eCommerce platform used by more than 250.000 online stores. What makes this platform different is that it represents a free, self-hosted platform focused on eCommerce. However, these characteristics are bringing a few disadvantages like the fact that It has a small number of features. But, in case you have some web development knowledge and skills you can create a decent online store.


The famous brand Infibeam has created its own eCommerce platform known as BuildaBazaar. This is another great solution for all the people who want to build a website for their startup. BuildaBazaar is an eCommerce platform that relies on cloud technology. This is a DIY platform for sellers and merchants. Thanks to this platform you can expect to get the basic eCommerce technology to build an effective online store in a matter of minutes. There are many famous brands that are using BuildaBazaar today and that’s why you should definitely give this solution a try.


Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform for startups. It’s easy to use, it offers great themes and it’s really easy to manage your eCommerce website with the help of Shopify. In addition, users will get access to top-rated customer support.

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