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Enjoying Food and Drinks at Hotel Boss in Your Vacation


Aug 19, 2021
Hotel Boss

When you choose to stay at Hotel Boss, you will find many pampering facilities. One of the facilities at this hotel that you should not miss is Food and Drinks. In this four-star hotel, anyone can enjoy a luxurious meal. The flavors offered are also more than adequate.


Hotel Boss provides a restaurant with various choices according to what you want. Every restaurant in this hotel comes with a comfortable feel that makes anyone feel at home relaxing. There is no need to doubt cleanliness because you will see the dishes hygienic.

You can enjoy a restaurant with air conditioning which makes anyone more comfortable when eating. How about the food? You can choose a la carte breakfast, a la carte lunch, a la carte dinner, buffet breakfast, set menu lunch to set menu dinner.

In addition, you can also enjoy the dining area to spend time with your loved ones. Inside this large hotel, there are various restaurants available such as Breakfast Restaurant, Lunch Restaurant and Dinner Restaurant. These three types of restaurants are included in the category of public facilities. So you can enjoy every precious moment without missing out on comfort.


In addition to providing a restaurant with a variety of choices, Hotel Boss also has a café. Every visitor to this hotel can enjoy the café facilities presented to fill the stomach or only hang out with friends. The atmosphere of the cafe offered will make anyone feel comfortable so they feel at home here for a long time.

Or when you visit Singapore because you have an appointment with someone, you can also invite them to meet at this café to save time. Don’t worry about the dishes because every food and drink served can always spoil the tongue.

About cleanliness? Don’t worry, everything is served so hygienically that you don’t have to worry about germs or bacteria in this place. This is none other than because this 4-star hotel has implemented hygiene standards that are by the provisions in force in Singapore.


One of the hangout places that every visitor can enjoy is a bar. Hotel Boss has bar facilities that you can enjoy whenever you want. You will find a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in this bar like being in a big city bar. You can feel comfortable being in a place you often spend time usually.

So you don’t have to worry about an awkward or uncomfortable atmosphere when you’re at this bar. Even though it is called a bar, this facility also has good security. Don’t worry about common bar events such as fights or fights that trigger a ruckus.

Everything in this bar is well controlled. Hotel staff always maintain the security of anyone who is a guest. To be able to enjoy all these facilities, you don’t need to be confused about the price because you can use a SingapoRediscovers Voucher to stay at this hotel.

The presence of the Singapore Rediscovers Voucher is very useful for everyone. With the promo provided, you can stay at Hotel Boss at a discounted price. That means you can save more in using money. Select the voucher code provided and enter it into the application you have. Don’t miss the SingaporeRediscovers Voucher on your trip to Singapore.