Yummy Cuisine of Hotel Boss during Staycation Singapore

Yummy Cuisine of Hotel Boss during Staycation Singapore



Yummy Cuisine of Hotel Boss during Staycation Singapore
Yummy Cuisine of Hotel Boss during Staycation Singapore


Hotel Boss is always famous for its eye-catching exterior and interior. With a large number of rooms, this hotel is one of the best places of staycation Singapore. All guests who choose this hotel to spend some nights will enjoy a perfect dwelling in the middle of the bustling atmosphere.

Hotel Boss and Its Great Number of Rooms

It is impressive to find out that there are 1,500 rooms in this hotel. Some guests find that they can easily book this hotel at any time. All guests should make a reservation before. Why is that so? Because this hotel is always fully booked. This resort is always perfect for everyone, even if they are backpackers, business people, honeymoon couples, and families.

So, how are the rooms? As anyone can guess, all rooms within the hotel perform a contemporary interior with good amenities. It is important to notice that many rooms will indicate that each room has a small size. Yet, it doesn’t mean that those rooms are less comfortable. On the other hand, each room has such a comfortable ambiance. The décor has such a simple yet well-designed pattern.

The best thing about the decoration is the gray walls with elegant furniture in black and white. The white linens add a minimalist atmosphere. Patterns on the wall enhance the feel of the contemporary interior.

Common amenities within each room include facilities for making coffee and tea. You can use a small fridge. The rooms have to air-condition, and also flat-screen TVs that are connected to the internet too. A safety box and free WiFi will help your work. You can have a drink every time you want. Each room has bathrooms with walk-in showers, equipped with good quality toiletries and hair dryers.

There are different kinds of rooms with various views. Some rooms offer city views, while others provide views of the building center. However, some of the rooms offer balconies with simple furniture like wicker chairs and sun loungers. They are perfect for having a relaxing moment while enjoying the wonderful munchies from some restaurants around the hotel.

Foods All-Around

The huge array of food is the main reason why Hotel Boss is one of the best destinations for those who want to have a staycation Singapore. Food arrays are abundant as there are several restaurants inside the restaurant as well as around the hotel.

As this hotel is located around a neighborhood with various cultures, it is not surprising if choices of foods are either halal or non-halal. The choices also apply to breakfast menus. However, restaurant options include the famous Chinese cuisines from Nanjing Restaurant, or the Teochew cuisines by Rou Gu Cha, as well as Asian and Western cuisines in Papasan, in which this restaurant offers room service, as well.

Other recommended options include Jubilicious that specialize in halal dishes on the fourth floor of the hotel, as well as the amazing Sky Terrace which shows the city’s beauty while it offers a great array of snacks and beverages. This place is the most favorite one, thanks to its closeness with the outdoor swimming pool.

Hotel Boss is indeed the best staycation in Singapore hotel, thanks to its excellent facilities for everyone like fitness center, children playground and business needs.